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What are the advantages of medical oxygen cylinders?

newsOxygen is the basic condition for our survival. Without oxygen, we can't survive. We can see in hospitals that some patients need medical oxygen cylinders. Because these patients can breathe normally only by oxygen cylinders, there are strict requirements for the storage of oxygen cylinders. So what are the advantages of medical oxygen cylinders? Let Xiaobian introduce it to you.

We all know that it is necessary to keep quiet in hospitals, and all patients need to rest in a quiet environment. Therefore, oxygen cylinders should not make noise, so as to avoid the collision of cylinder loading and unloading, and improve the noise impact on patients' recovery.

In addition, the quality of oxygen cylinders is also very reliable, and special tanks are used. Medical liquid oxygen tanks are tested every time gas is supplied, and the qualified ones are delivered to hospital special medical storage tanks, so as to prevent cross-contamination and ensure the quality of oxygen, and also ensure a better promotion effect on the treatment of patients.

In addition, the medical oxygen cylinder is safe to operate, and the high-pressure oxygen supply is changed into low-pressure oxygen supply. The original cylinder pressure is 15MPa, the storage tank pressure is only 0.8 MPa, and the hospital pressure is 0.55 MPa, which eliminates the potential safety hazard of high-pressure storage in the past and makes medical oxygen have a safe storage environment at ordinary times.

The storage of medical oxygen must be carried out according to the standard, and there must be a special person to take care of it, so as to ensure its safety during storage.

Through the above introduction, I hope you can understand the advantages of medical oxygen cylinders. Our company provides qualified medical oxygen cylinders, and you are welcome to contact with us and buy it!

Post time: Apr-07-2023